Villa Atulya

Exquisite design features incorporated by the architect makes the property unique. A rare find in Nuwara Eliya located conveniently by the main road to Badulla.





Elegance in Natural Splendor

Nuwara Eliya

Villa Atulya

Nestled within the Atulya Villas collection, our Nuwara Eliya haven invites you to experience a luxurious “home away from home.” Situated conveniently along the A5 main road to Badulla, just 3.5 kilometers from the city center and 1.5 kilometers before the renowned Sita Amman Temple, our beautiful property offers enchanting vistas of tea estates, vegetable gardens, and the majestic Pidurutalagala mountain. Discover serenity and natural beauty at every turn, making your stay truly unforgettable.


Serenity in the Mountains

Nuwara Eliya, a haven for relaxation and meditation. Amidst serene tea plantations and cool mountain air, find inner peace. Nature’s tranquility awaits in this hill country retreat

Design and architecture

Designed by an award winning Architect of the Bawa tradition, it celebrates a combination of Colonial British and Kandyan styles.

Discover a luxurious haven offering six spacious double rooms, a serene spa, and a heated plunge pool. Adorned with Persian carpets, wooden floors lead to elegant living spaces furnished with a blend of modern and antique pieces. Guests can enjoy the charm of a 1935 Yamaha piano and make the most of ample indoor and outdoor areas, weather permitting.

Staff & Customer Service

Our property features a modern chef’s kitchen, complemented by an extensive menu offering a delightful mix of Sri Lankan and Western cuisine. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing impeccable service, ensuring your every need is met with ease and grace. Your culinary desires are our pleasure.


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